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Upciti supports cities of all sizes in their smart transition, by simplifying the process of data collection and processing, for a better understanding of their city dynamic.

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from data collection to data vizualisation and sharing

Thanks to its multi-use sensor and real-time dashboard, Upciti provides public and private stakeholders with an all-in-one solution: from data collection to analysis, as well as making it available on all existing end-users software or application.

Data collection
Data analysis
Data sharing
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a few figures

Founded in 2017, Upciti quickly established itself as the simplest multi-data collection solution to deploy and the most privacy-respectful:

More than 2000 sensors deployed worldwide
More than 100 projects in public & private sectors
More than 50 installer and integrator partners
  • Bouygues energies & services
  • Axians
  • BeeZeeLinx
  • CiELiS
  • Communithings
  • GHM Eclatec
  • Eiffage
  • Equans
  • ESRI France
  • FLS
  • Vinci
  • Michat
  • Orange Business Services
  • Requea
  • Signify
  • SMEG
  • Sogetrel
  • SPIE
  • Thingworx
  • TTS
5 use cases from a single sensor only

a privacy-by-design sensor

real-time data for multiple use cases

Upciti designed its sensor to be easy to deploy, standalone connectivity (3G/4G cellular), zero maintenance and ready for the future by being upgradable over the air! With 5 active use cases on a single sensor, Upciti enables real-time data collection to address all mobility and urban logistics issues of today's and tomorrow's cities.

Smart parking

Vehicles counting

People counting

Bulky waste

Sound levels

a technology that respects citizen privacy

Upciti sensor

From its design phase, the Upciti sensor was developed to comply with the strictest regulations on privacy in public spaces. Its technical limitation makes it impossible to collect or process any sensitive personal data (such as gender, emotion, age...), which we call Privacy-by-design.

As a result, data from Upciti sensors do not undergo an anonymization process... they are anonymous by nature. Our goal is to create a healthy and responsible Smart City where there is a clear distinction between Safe (CCTV cameras, identifications, violations) and Smart (GDPR sensors, anonymous data, interoperability) uses.

Deliberately degraded lens resolution

Deliberately degraded lens resolution

Local processing (within the sensor)

Local processing (within the sensor)

Anonymous data

Anonymous data

Neither people nor vehicle tracking

Neither people nor vehicle tracking

No biometrics data

No biometrics data

No sound recording

No sound recording

Jean-baptiste poljak

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« Preserving all the benefits of image analysis without sacrificing our personal data »

real-time data visualization!

  • dashboard 1
  • dashboard 2
  • dashboard 3
  • dashboard 4
  • dashboard 5
  • dashboard 6
independent consulting auditor

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« 1€ of public investment generates 23€ of collective value »


  • Strasbourg eurométropole

    "To make decisions on urban logistics policies and measure their impact, it is crucial to analyze traffic flows and the use of delivery areas. For these data, we have chosen Upciti sensors."

    JEAN MELOUNOU, Manager of innovative mobility

  • Morbihan énergies

    "With an all-in-one, complete and simple solution, Upciti has enabled us to offer an innovative service for all cities in Morbihan, regardless of their size or context."

    DIDIER ARZ, Services General Manager

  • Extended Monaco

    "We have chosen an Upciti sensor network, so that the infrastructure aimed at understanding mobility flows is separate and complementary to those related to video surveillance (CCTV cameras)."

    GEORGES GAMBARINI, Smart City Program Manager

  • Nevers

    "Wishing for an autonomous and easy-to-deploy solution, we have chosen UPCITI sensors for our studies related to a better understanding of traffic flows and their use by vehicle types."

    BERTRAND COUTURIER, Deputy Mayor in charge of mobility, parking, social and solidarity economy

  • Aix-en-Provence

    "Since the launch of our Smart projects (in 2015) where we deployed several technologies, Upciti sensors have stood out for their versatility as well as the reliability and performance of their detections."

    JÉRÔME RICHARD, Director of Information Systems Innovations & Digital Department

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